To understand dynamic balancing, let's look at something we all understand – the automobile.  When your car is in operation, there are rotating parts, each producing individual vibrations.  One obvious component is the tires.  Whenever you drive your car you'll feel the resulting vibrations from the rotating tires.  The vibrations felt are usually characteristic to the design of the tire's tread and is "uncorrectable."  For example, the design of an off-road mud rated tire will not ride smoothly on a hard surface road.  Therefore, vibrations felt during highway driving are more noticeable for that particular type of tire.

Unbalanced tires will cause a different type of vibration.  This vibration is a wobbling sensation felt not only through the steering wheel but also throughout the vehicle.  This type of vibration is "correctable" and results from abnormal tire conditions.

When you buy new tires for your car, you normally have each tire balanced.  By not performing this service you already know that the new tires will wear more quickly.  In addition, you will get an uncomfortable ride and the vehicle's components will endure excessive wear.

In aviation, propellers, rotors, drive shafts, etc., have the same type of balance problems as the tires on your car.  Unfortunately, vibration can become more serious on your aircraft than on your car.  Problems such as airframe cracks, oil seal leaks, fuel leaks, cracked engine mounts, avionics failures and even pilot fatigue are all ill effects from "correctable" vibrations.

What Do We Do Differently?

We are not interested in changing anyone’s current vibration monitoring and data collection system.  Our proprietary applications can actually use much of the data supplied by many different brands of balancing equipment.  Our process will take these “balancing program model that fits all” technologies, which produce the wrong solutions 50% - 80% of the time, and uses a mathematical refining algorithm to formulate a working solution for the specific platform involved.

Virtually Eliminate Vibration

Vibration dampening technology is the key to longer lasting
vehicles and structures.

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